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shadow-youth-parliament Shadow Youth Parliament 2021 Shadow Youth Parliament is a competition through which youths get to share their point of views, know and understand how the parliamentary procedures work, and meet people from diversified backgrounds.

Eligibility: Anyone above Class VIII
Registration Fee Details: (i) Phase I/Early Bird Registration Fee: BDT 150 ; (ii) Phase II/Regular Registration Fee: BDT 200
Delegates coming through campus ambassadors will get 15% off on registration fees.
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climate-science-olympiad-2021 Climate Science Olympiad 2021 This World Environment Day, Climate Science and UNYSAB are jointly organizing qualifier round for Climate Science Olympiad. People from the age of 14-25 will be divided into two age brackets (14-17 & 18-25) and they will form a team or even compete individually according to their age group. 500 qualifiers from among 10,000 participants from all over the world will be chosen for the semifinal round in October 2021.

For registration, send an email to: teamunysab@gmail.com
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2015-UNYSAB-Spreading-the-Message-of-Volunteerism Workshop-on-Shadow-Youth-Parliament Universal-Health-Coverage-Day_8

Our Objectives



UNYSAB itself is a huge network spanning over seven divisions of the country and is partnered with many prominent groups. We build effective networks and connect people of all groups in Bangladesh.


After the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations as Agenda 2030, UNYSAB has been promoting sustainable development through its organizational activities.



UNYSAB believes in empowering the youth populace of the country, since youth are the future leaders of the country and their participation in the development can lead us to a better future.



We develop communication skills through Model UN conferences, exchange programmes and leadership workshops throughout the year.


We encourage and support new ideas and innovation in the organization and try to utilize the ideas to participate in the development of the country.


UNYSAB vows to make the youth aware of social problems like violence against women, sexual and reproductive health rights, good governance etc.

Our Aim

As the youth movement of the country with United Nations philosophy, UNYSAB’s aims are:
– To formulate views and ideas concerning the purposes and principles of the U.N. movement and to promote public awareness of the activities of the United Nations and its agencies
– Also, to motivate the younger generation to take positive concerted action in the areas of global harmony, cultural interaction, and knowledge exchange.

Our Alumni

During the past 20 years of journey, UNYSAB has been fortunate enough to have attracted some of the country’s brightest youths. They have proven their ability both within UNYSAB and throughout all areas of their lives. Our alumni are spread across every sector, from corporate to development and from public service to the U.N. – our alumni members have proven their worth everywhere.

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