Board of Trustees

Sayed Saikh Imtiaz PhD

Chairperson, Trustee Board

A Professor, Department of Women and Gender Studies
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. Imtiaz is currently working as an A Professor at the Department of Women and Gender Studies, University of Dhaka. He has achieved his Ph.D. degree from the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research, the University of Amsterdam in 2012, and joined a multidisciplinary research team at Vanderbilt University, the USA as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow.

Dr. Imtiaz has worked as a consultant for different projects of the Government of Bangladesh, UNFPA, UNDP, IDLO, WHO, CARE Bangladesh and KOIKA, etc. As a youth activist, he set up the United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB) when he was an undergraduate student and organized several campaigns involving youth on different issues. He has also planned, scripted, and hosted a television reality show for promoting social work through voluntarism involving youth called ‘the Campus Hero’ which was telecasted in 2012 in the Channel I – a Bengali satellite channel of Bangladesh. Recently he has set up a research-based organization to work on masculinities and youth development named ‘Center for Men and Masculinities Studies”. He is also the author of several articles and books.