Campus Hero Cafe

‘No shame, no fear; Ask me questions, my dear’
Being a hero is the dream of every adolescent boy, but how to be one?
Adolescence is the period of life when one goes through the physical and mental to be an adult. But in a society where talking about sexual and reproductive health is a taboo issue, it is hard to get the proper information on sexual and reproductive health and rights which explains the physical and mental changes which the adolescents experience. The adolescents turn to obscene movies, songs and pornography influence them to cultivate toxic masculine traits as heroism. The adolescent boys start to think that to be the ‘Hero’ among his peer groups he needs to have a girlfriend at any cost, be powerful and be abusive to girls. This leads to the sexual harassment and violence against women and girls. CMMS launched the Campus Hero Café in 2016 to provide the adolescents proper knowledge on SRHR and encourage them to ask any questions without any hesitation to know the proper explanations of the changes they are going through and to be hero with proper knowledge and good practices while preventing Gender based Violence.