A. S. M. Shahriar Shafi

Assistant Secretary, Documentation

A. S. M. Shahriar Shafi joined UNYSAB in 2018 and is currently serving as an Assistant Secretary in Documentation. 

His hometown is in Rajshahi and he is presently studying at East-West University. He has utilized his skills of photography in several events organized by UNYSAB. Furthermore, he has also worked in the field of documentation.

Shafi is a self-motivated, energetic, and ambitious individual who is always looking forward to utilizing his skills and experiences. He is an adventurous man, who is also a very reliable team player. His passion is photography, filmmaking, storytelling, and doing creative work. He is also doing freelancing work with multinational and local companies in the creative field.

He wants to be an entrepreneur in the future. His mission in life is to help himself and his loved ones to be a better person. He believes in creating a healthier environment and encourages people to plant trees as much as they can to bring a change to our mother earth.

According to him, UNYSAB plays an important role not only in helping him reach the goal of his life but also, helps to shape his interpersonal skills in such a way that will allow him to reach a level where he can accomplish the things he wants to do in his life. He wishes to lead a life where he is happy not because of the materials that surround him, but because of what he accomplished in life as a human being.

Last but not the least, UNYSAB is like a second family to him.