Afsana Ahmed

Member, Executive Board


Afsana Ahmed joined UNYSAB in 2019 as an associate member and is currently serving as a General Member of the Executive Board.  

She graduated in Mathematics and she loves analytics. She wants to work in an International Organization at the Policy-Making level. She is exploring different sectors and work fields to skill up herself. She worked as a Technical Support staff in a World Bank-funded Development Project and CSR Audit Report Reviewer in a Multinational Company, Intertek. Furthermore, her volunteering experience includes working as Assistant Manager for Marketing and Public Relation at Psycure Organization, Communication Associate at Youth For Change BD, Content writer, Graphic Designer, Report Writer, Support Coordinator at Alokito Shishu Foundation, Event Organizer, Emergency Responder (Govt. supported Call Center 333) for a2i Program. She has achieved these positions because of her growth mindset and interpersonal skills.

She knows her limitations but her curious mind and passion for learning new things motivate her to challenge herself. She makes things work, even in the worst scenario she does not quit. To broaden her outlook, she has participated in a number of seminars and workshops with UNDP, UNYSAB, Brac, and many more.

As a habitat of mother Earth, she wants to make sure our lifestyle becomes nature friendly, peaceful, and safe for all creatures. She is continuously trying to be the better version of herself, and she tries to stay with people who are young, encouraging, and positive in mind, which helps her achieve that purpose. She has interests in the development sectors.

UNYSAB is working to disperse knowledge and develop essential skills in youth for the same. She hopes to see UNYSAB reach every educational institution in Bangladesh and develop future leaders among the young children of this country.