Akib Khan Tushar

Assistant Secretary, Finance

Akib Khan Tushar joined UNYSAB in 2018 as an associate member of the 11th batch. Since then, he has been a part of different programs and events, especially handling the financial sides. Currently, he is serving as Assistant Secretary of Finance in UNYSAB.

One of his true beliefs is to develop self-trust, self-confidence and not to compare with others, because it will only make one greedy to reach the position the other person holds and ultimately lose themselves. Everyone is unique in their own ways and something unique about them. No matter what it leads to, in the end, one should always give his/her best at everything because in doing that, the quality of their life will be enhanced. He believes in working hard today to create a greater tomorrow. Failure or success does not matter because none of them is permanent. “Success isn’t final and failure isn’t fatal”. Both teach us a lesson in the end. 

Currently, Akib Khan Tushar’s ultimate goal is to complete his ACCA degree as soon as possible because he had 3 years of gap after his HSC exam. Everyone has some goals in life. His ones are to fulfill his family responsibilities and to make himself a proficient Chartered Accountant. 

However, after his father’s death, all the responsibilities of his family are on his shoulder. Additionally, he has been operating a car rental business and a stall of clothes. He is the Communication Officer of Humanitarian Aid also, a core member of LCBS Innovators. Also, he has achieved trophies of the championship in cricket, badminton tournaments, and other sports. He is highly passionate about sports, especially cricket and photography.

Helping each other can make the world happier and a better place. Many of us dream of eradicating poverty from the world. He dreams the same but he knows he cannot do it alone. He believes if we get united and start helping one person per day it will make a huge impact. As a habitat to this Earth, he wants to create positive changes for nature like more tree planting, avoid wasting water, gas, decreasing the amount of pollution.

According to Akib, UNYSAB has helped him to achieve his goals by giving him a chance to gather different experiences. It has given him many opportunities and a huge platform to learn something unique every day. UNYSAB is like a second home to him because he has found a family here.