Arifur Rahman

Secretary, Research & Development

Arifur Rahman joined UNYSAB in 2019 and is currently serving as a Secretary of Research & Development. Since then, he had attended most of the training sessions and participated in several events like Eid for Street Children, Shadow Youth Parliament, UNYSAB MUN organized by UNYSAB.

He is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in the Department of Criminology at the University of Dhaka and serving as an executive member at Dhaka University Model OIC Club (DUMOIC). Furthermore, he is a volunteer at the Physically Challenged Development Foundation (PDFDU) and received the “Best Voice Recorder 2018” award for recording books and sheets for the visually impaired students at Dhaka University.

He is passionate to learn more about society and culture hence he has a particular interest in the field of Research. He is also affiliated with the Dhaka University Research Society (DURS) for more than two years and has learned many things regarding research work. In addition, he likes to engage in social, political, and global discourses and that’s why he is always interested in participating in conferences like MUN conferences or Academic.

He is always eager to know, learn, and understand more about society, people, and life. Hence, Arifur Rahman has a particular interest in Social Science and often prefers to engage in social, political, and global discourses. He always focuses on personal development and aims to build himself an intellectual personality with his critical thinking, knowledge, and experiences that he had gained throughout life and would like to implement that knowledge for the betterment of the people especially for the youth of this country. According to him, UNYSAB is the platform that can shape him to be the best version of him to reach his goal.