Faisal Hasan Hasib

Wing Secretary, Rajshahi

Faisal Hasan Hasib had started his journey with UNYSAB in 2017 as a volunteer and is currently contributing as a Regional Secretary of the Rajshahi Division, UNYSAB.

As an individual, he preserves the mindset that youth is the strongest portion of our society and active participation of the youth is a must. He is now pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Rajshahi.

Previously, he had worked as the co-coordinator of Human Resource and Development of Rajshahi Division and served UNYSAB on several occasions, such as excelling in his role as the Director of Delegate Affairs in UNYSAB MUN 2019, Deputy Director of Delegate Affairs in UNYSAB MUN 2018, and Officer of Hospitality Management in UNYSAB MUN 2017. Alongside UNYSAB, he had 7 years of experience working with companies and a few students’ organizations both government and non-government. He also had several awards and achievements. 

From then on, until today, his journey with UNYSAB is a wonderful one. As an individual, he is also passionate about contributing to diversified fields. His vision of life is to defeat oblivion by contributing positivity to society at an optimum scale. Primarily, his goal is to work with and for the youth and UNYSAB is providing him the platform to contribute it at its best. He wants to contribute to the earth by developing the interpersonal skills and leadership within youth.

Last but not the least, UNYSAB has always been a great platform to develop, perform, and contribute to society.