farita binte hannan

Organizing Secretary, Administration

Farita Binte Hannan has started her journey with UNYSAB in 2019 and is currently working as an Organizing Secretary, Administration.

Farita believes in peace, equality, empathy, and love. She believes that she possesses the ability to change this world. According to Farita, we must fight for things that we believe in with confidence.

Farita is majoring in Anthropology at the University of Dhaka. She has worked as an organizer and volunteered in several events, programs, national & international conferences including BRAC James P. Grant School (JPGS) on a temporary contract as a translator. Farita was selected as the best worker in her school and university. She is currently an Assistant Secretary in the Visual Anthropology Club & Anthropology Debating Club. Apart from extracurricular activities, Farita always tries to excel in her academics too. 

She loves to read, watch dramas, make crafts, doodles, and tries to learn different languages in her pastime. Her mission is to become a better version of herself for her family and society. She wants to represent Bangladesh in the outer world. 

Her vision of life is to work with people. She is determined that being a responsible and courageous person is the biggest contribution she can make as an earthly habitant. UNYSAB is more than just an organization to Farita. Farita joined UNYSAB to understand the importance of society, to work for, and develop the skills needed to be a better human being. During the learning process of UNYSAB, she understood the importance of developing a community, replacing sympathy with empathy, and working as a team rather than being the ‘self-hero.’ According to her, UNYSAB helps her to widen her perspective and gives her confidence. To her, it’s her comfort zone, a learning platform, an opportunity. She will always continue trying to get the best out of UNYSAB and return even more than that.