Gazi Shahbaz Mohammad

Organizing Secretary, Students Affairs


Gazi Shahbaz Mohammad joined the United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh in 2019 for his self-development. He is currently working as the Organizing Secretary of Student Affairs in UNYSAB. He believes, if we work together with enthusiasm and appreciation, we will be able to bring positive changes in our lives.

He is a sophomore, who is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Asia Pacific in Business Administration. Shahbaz had worked on multiple events during the journey, where his passion and dedication had vividly depicted mainly punctuality and hard work. Gazi Shahbaz received the Vice Chancellor’s Award for his outstanding academic performance.

Amidst having excellent academic performance, he loves to play drums, adapt new learnings, develop skills, gather new experiences, and learn as much as possible to develop technical and intellectual abilities. Gazi Shahbaz Mohammad is passionate about serving others, spreading positivity and kindness, motivating and inspiring individuals who can thrive in life through hard work and dedication. He wants to become a global citizen who will be able to work for the betterment of society and help people as well as work for the environment.

According to Shahbaz, UNYSAB provides the necessary training and an enthusiastic team to work with in order to achieve his goals. UNYSAB guides him towards his goals, helping him to become more organized.  

Shahbaz is dedicated to creating awareness among people to switch from single used products to more sustainable products to make our earth a more habitable place to live in. UNYSAB is a platform that gives him a platform and abundant opportunities to help him move towards his passion.