Khalida Khaleque Mishu

Ambassador, Human Rights

Khalida Khaleque Mishu started her journey with UNYSAB in 2019 and held an Ambassadorship of Human Rights of UNYSAB to serve justice. And, currently working with “Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB).” She had a walking challenge issue since she was only a six (6) month old baby girl.

Anything good or bad inspires her from different dynamic dimensions as she believes that beauty can co-exist in worst situations also. She enjoys the process of loving people, including the development of self-love. Nevertheless, honesty and intelligence, including philosophy, inspire her the most, which trends her to be a better person than yesterday from all aspects. 

Khalida Khaleque Mishu, completing her professional course of “Business Strategy and Innovation” from IBA, MBA, Computer Science, and MIS from Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) learned the balance of practical experience and implementation. 

She has experienced institutional training in administration, IT, and MIS for over a decade. She has developed her stance to look at things from a more in-depth and broader perspective, enhancing her ability to act with quick responsiveness,  necessary flexibility, and dynamism from business, technical, and, most importantly, philosophical aspects.  Her past experiences allowed her to gain the confidence to efficiently implement her knowledge with any organization to create a more effective and meaningful impact. She aspires to put her knowledge, experience, skill, and potential into use for a prestigious esteemed organization like UNYSAB.