Maesha Marium Syed

Ambassador, Human Rights

Maesha Marium Syed started her journey with UNYSAB in 2019 and is now an ambassador of the Human Rights of UNYSAB to serve justice for the people who are shackled by the norms of society. She considers herself to be a pure human being, striving to become more humane every day. 

She has multiple inherent physical difficulties for which it is a struggle every day to make her place in this world as an equal amongst the ‘more equal’ people around her. Still, she takes it rather as a challenge instead of a drawback and always tries to maintain a positive view towards life because it is her belief that we can take up any challenge in life and overcome it only if we have firm confidence in ourselves and a cooperative mentality towards others.

She is a final year student majoring in English Language and Literature at the National University of Bangladesh. By profession, she is a freelance content writer and translator, currently working with an IT firm and a publication house.  She was a gold medalist in debate and extempore speech in school days and represented Bangladesh in an international harmonica conference as a performer back in 2018. 

She is deeply passionate about all forms of art, especially music. She is a musician myself. She aims to make positive changes in her surroundings by encouraging dialogue between people from different sectors and views. She dreams of a society where people are more accepting of each other regardless of anything. 

She wants to engage in activities that will allow her to know and connect to people from different socio-economic standards, beliefs, cultures, and so on so that she can be more open and accepting towards diversities. She believes UNYSAB is the best place to give her such kinds of opportunities. She wants to experience as much as possible from practical things in life because life is more about experiences than achievements.

She hopes to make her existence more worthwhile by giving back more to the environment and minimizing polluting it as much as possible. UNYSAB in her opinion is simply the cooler version of the United Nations. While the UN takes care of its international affairs, bureaucratic matters, and so on, UNYSAB reflects what the youth of the world thinks and responds to what is going on in the world around us. It is the pulse of the youth.