Md Jahidul Islam

Secretary, Operations

Md Jahidul Islam had joined UNYSAB in 2018. He is currently serving the organization as a Secretary of Operations. 

He is a student at the University of Dhaka, pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Criminology. He has experience in organizing and managing several events for organizations inside the Dhaka University campus and the rest were outside of Dhaka University. He has shown excellent efficiency in the art of public speaking, debating as well as leadership, teamwork, negotiation, diplomacy, networking, and other interpersonal skills. His interests consist of acquiring general knowledge, learning about geopolitics, and volunteering for the community. He has gathered experience in numerous fields and is seeking an opportunity that will allow him to utilize his previous knowledge and expertise.

He is curious and passionate to know everything about society and social relationships. Thus, he has a particular interest in Social science and likes to be involved in social and global orations. With his focus on core personal development, he intends to create an intellectual personality with knowledge and critical thinking. His intention for studying social science is to understand social issues and find practical solutions for them in the future. 

He is honored to get the opportunity to work with UNYSAB and want to contribute to UNYSAB for future success. UNYSAB is the platform where youth can achieve those skills which may help to build up one’s career, build effective networks and connections, and work with people of different diversities.