Mohammad Eannobi

Member, Executive Board

Mohammad Eannobi Farah joined UNYSAB in 2018 and currently serves as a General Member of the Executive Board.  He believes that one day he will be able to solve the problems of society.

He is studying in the first year of M.A in English at Daffodil International University, residing in Mohammadpur, and. has completed a B.A. in English in 2020 from Daffodil International University. Now he is studying in M.A. English Literature at Jahangirnagar University. In addition to studying, I am working on music.

He is an accomplished explorer, film director, singer and songwriter, and author. He wants to be a singer to utilize his experience, talent, and voice. His particular strength is bridging cultural gaps among people through education and interpersonal relations.

His dream is to be a musician, and he hopes to accomplish the challenges of life. Currently, Farah is developing his true self with the values, ideas, and goals of his life. He is grateful to be a part of UNYSAB.

In addition to UNYSAB, he also works in a few clubs. UNYSAB  has a lot of training and events that help him reach his goals.