Senior Vice - President

Nabeera Rahman has been involved in UNYSAB since 2007. She joined as a member and eventually led the organization as its Vice-President between 2014-2016. Her key contributions to UNYSAB include designing and leading the “Hijra Empowerment Project,” “Project Rickshaw Pullers,” and organizing Model United Nations conferences and workshops in Dhaka.

She strongly believes that UNYSAB played a key role to develop valuable skills, knowledge and networks which has led her to a successful career path. She has worked with UN organizations such as UNDP, UNV and UNFPA on inclusive trade, gender equality and innovation. At UNDP, she initiated and led a research project to understand the multidimensional aspects of poverty affecting hijras. The research publication, Hijra Lives in Bangladesh, was launched in collaboration with Bangladesh’s National Human Rights Commission to raise awareness about the policy needs of this marginalized community.

She is currently employed with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group and leads a skills development program for the ready-made garment sector.