noor nahar shukanna

Assistant Secretary, Communication

Noor Nahar Shukanna joined UNYSAB in 2019 and currently serves as an Assistant Secretary, Communication. She sees herself as an idealist who dreams of a better and optimistic future. 

Noor Nahar Shukanna is currently a student of International Relations at the University of Dhaka. In her school, she began volunteering to distribute old books, supporting the poor financially and with clothing. UNYSAB is the first voluntary organization where she started working actively. Her experiences outside this organization mostly involved Alma Mater, Viqarunnisa Noon School, and College where she worked in different kinds of departments, helped organize national level festivals, cultural festivals, and got awarded for her contributions. 

As a university freshman in 2019, Shukanna felt the urge to contribute to society and learn important skills. Following that hope, she has taken part in various anti-injustice protests. She is well-known to her colleagues as she tries to solve their issues by playing advisory roles. 

Shukanna is a dedicated individual and any task let it be content writing or volunteering, she will do it with her heart and soul. According to her, a successful person is someone who works for something they love. 

She considers UNYSAB to be the finest organization. Being a novice learner, she says that she will do any and everything to help this organization to contribute to society and the SDG Goals. She believes that one day the team will reach every corner of Bangladesh and promote Leadership through Volunteerism.