Saira Afrin

Secretary, Communication (Members)

Saira Afrin joined the United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh back in 2016 as a member of the 10th batch of UNYSAB and is now serving as the Secretary of Communications She was also one of the members of the first Convening Committee of UNYSAB and a Secretariat of Bangladesh Model United Nations’ in 2018. 

She believes to succeed in life, one must believe in himself, his abilities because our inner faith will create our external results. She is always giving her best efforts to the community. 

She is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from East West University. Apart from her academics, Saira is currently working in the Refugee Migratory Movement Research Unit (RMMRU). And I’m acting as a Vice President of the East West University Model United Nations Club (EWUMUNC). From 2016 to 2019 she had achieved lots of dignity and respect through her work. Some major activities Diplomatic Assembly include BANMUN 2017 as an Organizer, BANMUN 2018 as a Director of Media Public Relations, Fresher reception, Shadow Youth Parliament as an Operations, CMMS live show and many more Let’s talk, UNDP Workshop, Budget Olympiad 2017, Unysab Mun 2017, 2018 as a delegate, Hundred hours Training is not over yet. 

Her goal is to get a job at the United Nations, no matter what sector at the United Nations, but she wants to do something beneficial for mankind. In this case, UNYSAB is helping her to develop her inner confidence, interpersonal skills, her self-esteem, and overall, improved herself as a human being. The role of UNYSAB has fostered a tremendous positive impact on her life. 

UNYSAB is a volunteer organization that engages youth to develop their thinking ideas at the same time, gives them a platform to work for the society, strengthening their capacity for group work, works with their community, and shapes them to be a good leader in the future.