Shadman Taher Arnob

Secretary, Communication (Social media)

Shadman Taher Arnob joined UNYSAB in 2018  as a member of the 11th batch and is currently serving UNYSAB as a Secretary of Social- Media, Communication He strongly believes in learning from the environment, with the motto of “Talk Less, Do More”. He is studying International Relations at the University Of Dhaka. He had the honor of receiving the ” Rising Star Award 2019 ” from UNYSAB. 

He aspires to make a better life for himself and others around him. He is a tech and travel enthusiast who eagerly wants to learn about different people’s perspectives through traveling. The main qualities he attaches to himself are: active, eager, and understanding. He believes in talking less and learning more. 

His passion is in the tech arena, especially in smartphones, and the innovation developed around it. His aim in life to integrate his work with his passion. He is well expressive on digital platforms and prefers to interact more online and so he is currently managing the social media sectors of UNYSAB. 

His main strength is to identify the attributes of different generations and formulate plans in consideration of both. He hopes to make the world a better place by removing the concept of the generation gap and engaging everyone in developing a better world for future generations. UNYSAB to him is like a family consisting of a bunch of skillful individuals who strive together to make the earth a better living place.